Love of Colour

Love of Colour

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

THOU SHALL GIVE.. Give unto others

                                  I just posted this on my facebook- decided to blog about it:

"Instead of being such a selfish person in general, why dont you go to your closet pick out all the clothes you do not wear, shoes, etc and give to the less fortunate- try homeless or the ones who are mostly at need.. Dont be greedy and take them to good will to get some money back.. think about others.. Thats how God blesses you, for blessing others.. "

I have a huge heart to give to others, the ones that do not have anything. Since this is a fashion blog.. I sure can write about this... Since I was younger I have always been the one to give. People always say do some "Spring Cleaning", but most of the time they mean clean your house, or closet and throw things away. Well why not try cleaning out your closet of the things you do not wear anymore, have been left in your closest just to take up space, or those clothes that you look at for years, say well I just cant get rid of it, because I will wear it some day.. but you never do.

Food for thought- go to your closet, pick out all the items or accessories you do not wear- fold them up, place in  a box, find someone who is homeless or a family who can not afford to buy their teens or whatever age group you believe your clothes can fit and are appropiate for and give them away.. I have always been a person to do so. God has blessed me with so much and why would I not be a source to bless others.. I SPRING CLEAN every season. I will not GIVE MY CLOTHES TO THE GOODWILL or SOMEONE WHO LIVES A GOOD LIFE AND DECIDES THEY WANT TO PICK OUT THE GOOD ITEMS FOR THEMSELVES AND THEN GIVE THE LEFTOVERS TO OTHERS OR SALE. I can stand a person who has a heart like that.. Stop being selfish and give.. Homeless people are always in need.. Start this winter season and start giving.. you will be blessed in return.. Never fill your heart with Greed..


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fallon Favors

Shoot out- to Dollface Fallon Favors- You all should remember Fallon from the hit BET show "College Hill Virgin Islands". Fallon is an incredible singer and is taking a hold of the music business. I had a pleasure in consulting looks for her show she did a couple of months ago. She is very kind, sweet and a beautiful girl, and her voice goes along with it.. I see great and properous things happening in her career... Her voice I havent heard since the days when people actually sung and truely had a voice..

 She is greatly influence by the 1920's era. I love the 1920's as well. its the old hollywood glam.. We focused on bringing that look into the new generation now, but show inspiration from the past. We talk about peplum dresses, knee lenght high waisted skirts, Sheer skirts with a sexy body suit showing through, leather studded gloves, laced gloves, veil hats that the women of that era wore all the time, wrapped dresses,  lots of beautiful pearls, and high heels of course.. It was fun to think about how we can make the inspired threads come to life.. I think Fallon looked very cute for her performance. And her audience of course loved her and showed her much love..

I look forward to fully styling Fallon for her next performance on New Years. Check Fallon out and listen to her hot mix tape.. Google her... You definitely will not be disappointed.. XOXO Fallon..

Write my LA RAW

I just decided to post these two coloums I wrote for a great Magazine called LA Raw- def check them out... I support this mag to the fullest and it was fun to write for them.. Check out LARAW.NET ...


Dress Me in Me..

So this is really the first post ever of Bfreestyle that I have posted pics of outfits of myself, I usually only post another route .. I have stated that I do not want to make this blog about me. But here is a little sample of how I dress..

 My bday dress- decided to go really girly this year.. So I did.. matched with a long fringe silver and blk necklace and wore blk open toe heels.

 Love this dress- vegas totally.. this dress is very comfy and fits the body to perfection. Wore blk wedges with it..
 My cute moth green jumpsuit- paired it with beige heels and a small clutch- this was summertime so of course I paired it with the oversized feather/beads earrings- NOTE: Big oversized or feather earrings have ran its course.. this is why I say do not be a trend addict, you waist your money and the trend is gone within one season.. If you do, buy in small amounts or one item at that..
This was my bday #1 outfit- I am obsessed as you all know with brightness, so I am definitely noy afraid to wear any type of bright slacks/clothes. I paired it with a stretch cotton blend tank and took a leopard hankerchief and tide it into a bow..

Aww I wrote about these shoes in one of my first blogs- Julian Louie african print wedges.. These shoes are to die for and can add a lot to any outfit ... well depends on what type of outfit you wear... lmao I paird this with a rose colored blazer and a blk high waisted skirt with a white tank

My heart thigh high boots.. these were wore by kourtney kardashian. fell in love with them when I saw them on her. I paired it with one of my fav vest, wore blk leggings and a blk long sleeve cotton blend shirt.. Iheart this vest the texture in it is amazing- looks completely like a rug. lmao keeps you warm- change up from wearing furs... See up close pic for texture of my vest above..

And that's a wrap

I choose not to state the brands that I am wearing, with close, bags, and shoes.. I told you before do not want my blog about me..

Disclaimer: All these pictures are copyright by Maya.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cha' Ren Consultants

Hey Ken's and Barbies-

I just started my own consulting and closet organization company- its only been a few months and it has already been doing really good. It is called Cha'Ren Consultants. Cha'Ren Consultants specializes is many genres of sevices- mostly in the styling and organizations of closets- whether it is wardrobe or shoes and going as far as including organization of accessories, hats, scarves, etc.. We can and will make your closet look like a fashionista/ fashionisto cloest and wardrobe be something to die for.


The Consulting part of it, is the side of styling you for parties, events, wedding consulting, bday parties, babyshowers, bridal showers, and of course the everyday wear.

The Styling part of it, is the side where we come and organize your closet- if your needs are for a consultant to come by and take out the things that need to go, revamp your closet with better choices of clothing and what to buy and not to buy. Rebulid the look of you closet, by adding interior design pieces to it, what to get rid of and what to keep. It all can be done. We cater to every need of our customer and what they mostly desire.

Please email us for more information and Fees at

NOTE: Cha'ren Consultants is in talks of holding small seminars and events which will give a little taste of what we offer. Maya's styling blog post comes to life.. Also, we are in talks with doing our first colaboration with "The Stylistic Approach". check them out at . You can find great accessories for your wardrobe and things that are not found in many stores. Stay tuned and when we start, its in great hopes that you all support us.

Disclaimer- The pictures use in this blog are not owned by bfreestyle, simply borrowed from public use internet..:)

" Love and Emily B" or " Love and Hip Hop"

Hey Barbies- ahhh its been a long time since my last blog. I apologize to those who've been sending me messages about when is my next post, looking forward to my next post and etc. I have been extremely busy with life, my company (Cha'Ren Consultants) - blog post coming soon for info.. and busy working..

 So I decided to start off my next post with a Fabulous chick who I admire- She was a young mother, single, had a passion and achieve her goal as a celebrity stylist. This is what I am trying to Achieve right now - Styling is my gift and I have the deepest passion for it..

Emily B- the mother of Fabulous.. A star of my favorite reality show- "Love and Hip Hop".

Emily B definitely has some major style, what I love about her is that unlike other celebrity stylist- she does not always necessarily go for the major brand name fashion threads all the time, as other stylist only stay in the designer wear and people who look up to them, struggle at making their wardrobe up to par. This makes Emily B a consumer friendly stylist and more relate-able in the since of people who can not afford the major designers all the time. She is someone to look up to and know that hey I can dress and buy just some of her cute fits she wears as well.

But do not get her wrong...  Her show game is amazing.. LOUBOUTINS GALORE- Below is a spread she did for PYNK MAGAZINE.. They decided to focus on her Louboutin collection- and believe me the ish is fierce.. Not only is Emily B a beautiful woman, she has a beautiful collection of shoes.. Iheartfabulousshoesimprobablyashoewhorenowdontjudgeme....

 Emily B has been styling looks of many celebrities for a years and although she has made Fabulous look on point along with many other celebrities, she is dope at styling herself as well. Even the fits she wears on the show are so freaking cute, and I want everything she wears... XOXO


 I look up to her because she is an independent chick who has a name for herself outside of her man. Even being with him she had her name and is able to hold it down by herself. not to mention the apartment she just bought screams fabulous, she is an all around chick from what I see on TV. She not a " I need a man to make me somebody, or buy my expensive wardrobe or shoes to validate my existence in life as a somebody".. I respect women who are like this because I am that myself.. Let a man compliement you and you compliment him, and him not make you.. Bring something to the table instead of just a cute face and sometimes nice body.. This is a huge pet peeve of mine..

Emily B is actually in the mist of creating her own Fashion Line- Called "Emily B". I truly can not wait until her clothing line comes out, she will probably be the next designer I buy up..

 Here are a few candid shots of Emily B- note: I love her dress below, I just bought it.. getting ready for Miami of course duh !!!! LMAO ..

Love it luvergirl..

Disclaimer: All photos that are included in this blog do not belong to Bfreestyle, simply borrowed from the internet..

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